Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hijab Tutorial Pashmina

Dear, after introducing some hijab styles that use shawl (pashmina) alaZoya like Princess Style and Style Reine, Zoya re-indulgent ZoyaLovers who likes to wear a scarf by creating a new style, the Estrella Style.

With increased collection full hijab style is guaranteed you will not get bored while often using the same scarf. Let's try new hijab style on this one, Estrella Style by Zoya. Check it out!

  Use ciput ninja or Harajuku ciput Zoya color with a scarf.
Wear a scarf Zoya with the left side is shorter than the right
Take short section towards the top left ear, then pinned the needle
Drag the longest section to the left through the back and then take it to the top of the head again until it stops right at the left curve
Pin the needle at the edges
Done ... Easy right dear?

wherever goal now, to college, to work, or just a walk, wear a hijab style that made ​​an appearance estrella more fitting for Your Beauty!

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